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Border Collie Rescue Articles

. Do I Really Want a Border Collie?
A frank and honest evaluation of owning a Border Collie. A must read for anyone considering bringing a Border Collie into their family

. Border Collie Rescue: A View From the Trenches
A look at the battle rescuers face in combatting the overwhelming problem of rescuing Border Collies

. What is a Border Collie?
A look at just what defines a Border Collie - looks or actions

. Ceroid Lipofuscinosis
A new release on the genetic disease CL in Border Collies, with known carriers, from the Border Collie Club of NSW (Australia).

. Border Collie Wars
A discussion of the never-ending battle between AKC conformation breeders and those looking to retain the classic working instinct of the breed

. Border Collie Horror Stories
If you thought your Border Collie was a nightmare...

. Border Collie Rescue Stories
Read about some of the previously adopted dogs
. Shipping a Dog
One of our most popular articles. How to get your dog from A to B via the airlines

. Protective Aggression
One of the most serious behavior problems on the rise in Border Collies today. If you can't handle your dog, be sure to read this

. Choosing a Breeder
Before you buy that puppy, learn how to pick the best breeder, not the pick of the litter

. Dear Annie
Annie, a Border Collie, gives her insight into typical canine behavior problems

. Book Reviews
Reviews on books about Border Collies, dog behavior, etc.

. ASPCA Articles  
. An Antifreeze Warning  
. Epilepsy  
. Puppies For Christmas  
. Newsletters
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