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The Book of Border Collie
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Aggression Issues

Human aggression, dog aggression, fear aggression, etc.

. Training Issues
Housebreaking, barking, digging, obedience, coprophagy, etc.

. Dog Behavior Explained
Scratching, food guarding, nose rubbing, leg lifting, etc.

. Unique Border Collie Behaviors
Herding, obsession, Border Collies and kids, cat herding, energy levels, etc.

. Veterinary Issues
Spaying, vaccinations, eyes and ears, surgery, cancer, etc.



Health Problems

Skin problems, thyroid, heartrates, etc.

. General Health Concerns
Exercise, overheating, anal sacs, airline transport, carsickness, shaving, etc.

. Nutrition Issues
Best dog food, freefeeding, preservatives, weight gain/loss, etc.

. Miscellaneous Topics
Puppy mills, fur coats, colors, depression, male vs. female, etc.

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